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Picking Your First Double Edged Safety Razor: Three Friendly Choices

So you decided to switch over to wet shaving now right? While that is a great decision and something that you will be sure to enjoy, there is still one obstacle that you must go through after the most difficult one of convincing yourself to try it out. That obstacle comes in the form of picking your first safety razor, and if you go in blind without research you might have a difficult time. But the good thing is that you are reading this and you will be well prepared by the end of the article.

Let’s Begin By Discussing The Two Types Of Razors You Want To Focus On

1. The Butterfly or TTO: The newest addition to safety razor designs is the butterfly or TTO. This basically works by twisting the top of the head and simply inserting your razor in. It is by far the simplest and most beginner friendly type of safety razor. This is the one you want to purchase first if you are especially nervous. Furthermore, it is super easy to clean and maintain so it is a smart choice as a beginner DE razor.
2. The Two Piece Design: This is the most popular model of DE razors and most companies that make them have usually multiple models that are two piece design. The top of the cutting head will unscrew so you can insert your blade in. This is a bit more advanced, but nothing that you can’t work around even as a beginner.

We will not talk about the three piece design as that is more complicated for a beginner, and really is not anything special unless you are a true enthusiast. With that said, let’s move on to your three choices.

A classic and vintage safety razor.
A classic and vintage safety razor.

1. Parker 99R Long Handle Safety Razor:

The experts over at Malegroomings choose the Parker 99r as the best beginner safety razor and for good reasons too. It has the butterfly, twits to open method that beginners will surely enjoy, and it is designed to fit very well onto your hand so that you do not have any accidents on your first few times of DE razor shaving. The fit of a razor is an important part of how well it shaves, and this one is just perfect for beginners. Needless to say, I agree with the experts on this one and would definitely recommend it for your first safety razor.

2. Van Der Hagen Traditional Heavy Duty Safety Razor:

VHG is one of my favorite companies and I really like their wet shaving contributions. Their traditional heavy duty razor is a butterfly design as well and one that comes with a pretty short handle as opposed to the Parker 99R. I would say the handle length is strictly preference, and having a short or long one won’t really dictate how well you can shave when you are first starting out. It is really up to you. If you have big hands, go for the longer handle as a rule of thumb.

3. Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor:

Edwin Jagger is another classic name in the DE shaving market. All of their safety razors are of high quality, and not really difficult to use at all. This is a two piece design actually and it has a short handle as well. It is heavier than the Van Der Hagen so it is more sturdy for you to hold which definitely helps shaving to begin with.

The main reason that these three are “beginner” razors is because the comb that blocks the blade from being fully open is at a decent place so that you do not shred your skin while you are first learning. There are other safety razors that have an open comb and the blade is free, which can cause a much closer shave but also increase the chance that you will cut your face, especially if you are just starting out. All these three razors I listed above will not do that, and as long as you take caution in your first few shaves, you will be on your way to wet shaving glory.

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