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Why Switch To Wet Shaving? Here’s The Answer

Wet shaving is the first real form of modern shaving, that started in the early 20th century. Back then, Gillette created the first double edged safety razor and put it on the market for men to purchase. It was an upward trend from there, and many other companies soon started to follow in their footsteps. But why has this art seemed to have been lost over the past 30 years or so?

Well, the answer to that is quite ironic. The same company that was a major reason that wet shaving became so popular is also responsible for reversing it’s powerful presence. Gillette is one of the frontrunners in the disposable blade / disposable razor era that we now live in. These types of razors are the most common and the ones that most males use daily without trying any other method really. This is really a shame because wet shaving is what I consider to be a real shaving experience, while the disposable and chemically made shaving cream method that rules now is just a convenience shave rather than a hobby.

Looking To Switch Over To Wet Shaving?

If you are now looking to switch over to the lost art of wet shaving, you are actually at a good point because it is making a comeback. There are companies that are now reverting to safety razor and straight razor models again, so more men can become attuned to it than ever before. It’s not quite sure if wet shaving will ever become what it once was, but the attempts made now are definitely a good sign of things to come. So are you wondering why you should drop the disposable and join the wet shaving ranks? Check out these reasons below.

1. Wet shaving makes you enjoy something that has been seen as a bore to do lately. Let’s be honest, does anyone find shaving with a disposable razor fun or enjoyable at all? Wet shavers on the other hand definitely do and most of them end up becoming enthusiasts, just like other hobbies like cars and books.

2. You haven’t seen a super close shave until you use a safety razor. This is too true and something that a lot of guys nowadays might never experience. The way a safety razor is designed is to get the closest shave possible. The blades that are inserted in these DE razors are super sharp, and the comb that protects your skin from the blade is much less in the way than that of those modern razors.

3. Creating your own lather with an all natural shaving cream and badger hair brush is really something special. First of all, it is healthier for your skin than those over the counter shaving creams. And secondly, the way the brush feels that first time you lather up your face is something that you will yearn for. Also, you will encounter less razor burns and bumps if you shave correctly.

If these four reasons don’ pump you up to switch over to wet shaving, than I don’t know what will. You can become a wet shaving enthusiast just like the rest of us today at a pretty low cost and after a couple of years of use, you end up actually saving money because after the initial investment, the blades you will need to purchase are much cheaper than that of the modern disposable blades. So there’s yet another reason to try out wet shaving today. In closing, I must say that all of you men should at least give wet shaving with a safety razor at least one attempt, and if you seem to like it then keep going with it. If it doesn’t suit you, then you really didn’t lose much to begin with!

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